Saša Spačal

Consultation, microbiology: Mirjan Švagelj, PhD
Curator: Jani Pirnat
Glasswork: Pero Kolobarić, Zvonko Drobnič
Construction: Scenart
Photographs: Miha Godec, Saša Spačal
Special thanks to: Jurij Krpan

Year: 2018
Production: Projekt Atol Institute
Exhibition Co-production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
Exhibition was supported by City of Ljubljana.


Upcoming exhibition
Drugo More, Rijeka, Croatia [Nov. 2020]

Past exhibitions
Extravagant Bodies Festival, Zagreb, Croatia [Sept. 2019]
Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Out of the Box Exhibition, Linz, Austria [Sept. 2019]
Da Vinci Creative Festival, Seul, Korea [Aug. – Sept. 2019]
Match Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia [Nov. 2018 – Jan. 2019]

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